AMD Ryzen Windows VPS Deployed in Los Angeles
Using AMD Ryzen 3900X processors, with NVMe drives - RackNerd's Windows VPS provides the best performance you can find in a Windows VPS solution today!
AMD Ryzen Windows VPS with NVMe SSD
Choose from Windows Server 2012 or 2016 OS in the ordering form.
Full Administrator & Remote Desktop Access Included!
Plan CPU NVMe Storage Bandwidth IPv4 Pricing Order
2 GB RAM 1 vCore 35 GB NVMe SSD 2 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $27.59 /month ORDER NOW
4 GB RAM 2 vCores 60 GB NVMe SSD 2 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $30.59 /month ORDER NOW
6 GB RAM 2 vCores 85 GB NVMe SSD 3 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $35.59 /month ORDER NOW
8 GB RAM 3 vCores 110 GB NVMe SSD 5 TB @ 1Gbps 1 Free IP $44.59 /month ORDER NOW
12 GB RAM 4 vCores 160 GB NVMe SSD 6 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $64.59 /month ORDER NOW
16 GB RAM 6 vCores 200 GB NVMe SSD 10 TB @ 1Gbps 2 Free IPs $89.59 /month ORDER NOW
Intuitive Control Panel. Full Administrator Access.
Start, Stop, Re-Install, Console, Reset Your Server at any time via our VPS control panel.

1Gbps network speeds are included with every RackNerd Windows VPS. Don't settle for less!
Powerful AMD Ryzen Processors
RackNerd's Windows VPS are powered by latest and cutting edge AMD Ryzen 3900X processors.
Rocket-Fast Speeds
Our network is equipped to provide you with rocket fast speeds, optimized by Noction IRP!
NVMe Storage
All of our Windows VPS are powered by pure NVMe storage, for the fastest disk performance available today!
24x7 Support
Need support by server experts? RackNerd is available 24x7 to help.
Frequently Asked Questions
Learn more about our services or contact us for other questions!
What are the benefits of choosing a VPS with a Ryzen processor?

AMD Ryzen processors are taking the market by storm lately, thanks to the unprecedented performance these CPU's provide. For example, in most cases, just one Ryzen core equates to MULTIPLE Intel Xeon cores, not to mention the great amount of single threaded performance you receive with our AMD Ryzen platform. To further couple the extremely fast CPU, our Windows VPS are powered by pure NVMe storage in RAID-10 to provide you with disk performance that can keep up with your CPU performance!

Can I change my server's operating system later?

Yes! Via our intuitive VPS control panel, you may re-install your VPS's operating system at any time, and switch distributions if desired. We currently provide the option to switch between Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 OS.

Can I upgrade my VPS plan later?

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS to the next plan up at a later time. The transition is seamless and would only require a minute of downtime for a reboot, in order for the upgrade to take into effect.

How long do I have to wait for my VPS service to be activated?

RackNerd's Windows VPS packages are instantly activated after you complete your order. You will be able to begin using it within minutes.

Can I get IPv6 addresses with my KVM VPS?

Yes, RackNerd provides up to 100 free IPv6 addresses upon request. Please open a support ticket after your order to request this.

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